Just because you’re driving a cool car does not mean that you are keeping the interior cool too—that’s where we come in. At Zen Auto Concepts, we’re about custom-fitting the best product to each customer and the needs of their vehicle, whether they operate on the road or on the water.

We work from our climate-controlled facility to enhance your ride, rain or shine.


Zen Auto Concepts takes great pride in working with the best brands in the industry, and because of that, we are a Hüper Optik USA window film dealer. Hüper Optik has always been about creating products to protect consumers from harmful UV rays. Hüper Optik is the world leader in heat rejection, performance, and provides a green solution for energy savings. When it comes to ceramic films, Hüper Optik is a revolutionary company that holds the only true Ceramic patent on all ceramic films in the industry.


Autobahn is the Automotive division of Hüper Optik with a keen attention to detail, Autobahn hosts not just a line of amazing window tinting products, but also the best group of car re-conditioners available in the auto industry. We’re proud to admit that we don’t just offer these products as an option to our customers, we have also become part of their prime dealer group. Their philosophy aligns perfectly with our passion for what we do; they create products that they would use to protect their very own cars, and we install them with the same sentiment in mind, embracing a lifelong appreciation for quality, convenience, and value.


XPEL, the leading provider of paint protection film, also offers Nano-Ceramic Window Tint options that Zen Auto Concepts is pleased to provide to customers looking for aesthetic, functional, and environmental solutions.

XPEL uses State Of The Art Technology & Research to bring the Highest Level of Performance & Quality. There is no doubt that working with XPEL products means working with film that fights the sun and protects those inside.

All of the film used in our automotive tinting services holds a Transferrable Lifetime Warranty, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving products and service that we stand behind from day one and beyond. If you’re interested in protecting your car and those who ride in it from harmful UV rays, reducing your carbon footprint, and keeping your ride cool, call us to discuss all of your window tinting options with our world-class products.