Porsche joins battle of SUV coupes with Cayenne

Above: Porsche Cayenne Turbo Coupé (left) and Cayenne Coupé.

Porsche’s had a badly kept secret for some time now: It has been developing a coupe body style for the Cayenne SUV, so it came as no surprise when the automaker officially unveiled it today. The new Cayenne Coupé and Cayenne Turbo Coupé will be arriving in dealership showrooms in fall 2019.

Above: Profile of Cayenne Coupé.

The new body style is exactly as it sounds, a slightly lower Cayenne with a more steeply raked roofline, particularly at the rear, where it slopes downward more aggressively and is adorned by an adaptive roof spoiler. Porsche also says the windshield and A-pillars are “shallower” due to a roof edge that’s been lowered by 0.78 inches, which also contributes to a sleeker profile. To tie the changes together, Porsche redesigned the rear doors and rear quarter panels and made the license plate bracket part of the rear bumper.

The new, standard roof is a panoramic glass piece with an integrated sunshade, while buyers may also choose an optional carbon-fiber roof. Choosing the latter also nets you several other sporty features, including new, lightweight 22-inch GT Design wheels, pepita fabric seat centers, carbon-fiber and Alcantara interior accents, and, for the Turbo Coupé, a sport exhaust.

Above, clockwise from top left: Cayenne Turbo Coupé with the standard glass panoramic roof. The optional carbon-fiber roof as seen on a Cayenne Coupé. Interior seating with pepita inserts in a Cayenne Coupé with the carbon-fober roof option.

Though there’s no mention of S, GTS, or E-Hybrid versions yet, Porsche will launch the base and Turbo Coupés together. The Coupé gets the 3.0-liter 335-horsepower V6, allowing it a 0-60-miles-per-hour time of 5.7 seconds, or 5.6 seconds with the carbon roof. Top speed is 151 mph. The Turbo Coupé is equipped with the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 making 541 hp, and it’s much quicker: 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds. Top speed is 178 mph.

Above: Cayenne Turbo Coupé with its rear spoiler deployed.

People who opt for a Cayenne Coupé over the standard body style also receive some other standard goodies that are otherwise options. They include Porsche’s adaptive suspension (PASM, or Porsche Active Suspension Management), Sport Chrono Package, and 20-inch wheels. New eight-way sport seats in front are also standard, though comfort seats are a no-cost option. The back seat bench is shaped to mimic individual seats, with room for two.

The lower roofline shouldn’t affect rear-seat headroom too much, as the seats also have been lowered by 1.18 inches to accommodate the exterior styling without affecting comfort. Luggage space in the Coupé is 22 cubic-feet with the rear seats up, 53.3 cu-ft with them folded down. The Turbo Coupé’s storage area is a slightly smaller 21.2 cu-ft with the seats up and the same as the base model folded down.

The Cayenne Coupé is offered at $75,300, while the Turbo Coupé starts at $130,100, not including the $1,250 destination fee. Look for the Cayenne Coupé in showrooms starting in fall 2019.

Porsche’s “Mr. 911” on the Future of the Iconic Sports Car

Porsche’s “Mr. 911” on the Future of the Iconic Sports Car

All-electric model “is not impossible,” he says

Following the successful launch of the third new Porsche 911 developed during his 18-year stint as product director of the iconic sports car, “Mr. 911” August Achleitner is transitioning to retirement. The Austrian-born mechanical engineer who started at Porsche in the chassis development department in 1983 will spend the first quarter of 2019 attending media launches of various 992-generation models and handing the reins to Porsche’s current head of motorsports, Frank-Steffen Walliser. We caught up with Achleitner at the official introduction of the 911 Cabriolet (and 718 Boxster/Cayman T models he also had responsibility for) at the Geneva motor show to chat about the challenge of reengineering an icon and his hopes for the 911’s future.

Is developing the next 911 the world’s easiest or hardest job?

What we are presenting today has involved decisions made over the past three years, and the Porsche engineer is always creative. There are of course new ideas. We get results out of pre-development activities. We get results of feedback from the customer and from the press of course, and we have to fulfill requirements from all over the world. We mix it together, and define the next sports car after this one—which is obviously better than the old one.

Your predecessor introduced water-cooling. What was your biggest change?

The change from the normally aspirated engines to the turbocharged Carreras. This was not an easy decision for us because our normally aspirated engines had a characteristic sound and the ability to rev to almost 8,000 rpm. We decided, okay let’s change to the turbocharged engine, but we want to keep the behavior and the characteristic of the normally aspirated engines, and I think it worked quite well. The feedback is good from all customers and we still rev to 7,500. This, in combination with high torque at low revs, makes the engine better than the old one.

 August Achleitner with a camouflaged 2020 911

What about plans to electrify the 911?

With the new 992 vehicle we wanted to make the car suitable for the future, and that includes the possibility to integrate an electric-drive. The new four-shaft PDK is more compact, so we could offer more space between these shafts and the engine itself where we can integrate an electric motor. Together with this hardware solution we also have the software solution because the electronic platform of this car is the same system as in the Panamera.

Why not offer hybridization from the start?

We are also developing the Taycan, the new electrically driven Macan, and a new platform with Audi. We have no engineers left to deliver such technology also for the 911, and the Taycan and the next Macan can fulfill all CO2 requirements for the company. Now if there are limitations on going into big cities we can react—that is the most important thing.

2019 NY Auto Show Preview

2019 NY Auto Show Preview



Friday, April 19, 2019
Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York, NY

Registration ends in 13 days on April 7, 2019 11:59 PM EDT

Everything you saw in LA and more!

We are thrilled to invite you to join us at the New York International Auto Show to experience another exceptional moment in Porsche history. As a Porsche owner, you will have access to an exclusive event taking place the morning of Friday, April 19, 2019, in the Porsche display area to view a full array of Porsche models, including a North American Premiere & unveiling before it’s shown to the general public. Space is limited and there will be no registrations on-site.

Date: Friday, April 19, 2019

Time: 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM (PCA will call opens at 7:00 AM)

Place: Jacob Javits Convention Center, Porsche Exhibition Area, 3rd Floor

Entrance: 11th Avenue at 36th Street into the north side of the Crystal Palace

Registration is limited to 200 people. Tickets are $20 per person (2 per member). Tickets will be available at the PCA will-call table at the entrance to the exhibition beginning at 7:00 AM. A light breakfast and refreshments will be provided. This is an invitation-only event, and you must be pre-registered to attend. Please note that there will be no registrations on site and the PCA will-call table closes at 8:45 AM. Following the event, your ticket will allow you regular access to the New York International Auto Show.

Video from the 2016 event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ihVjJGynHw

XPEL Named Official Window Tint And Paint Protection Films Of The BMW Car Club Of America

GREENVILLE, S.C. (January 8, 2019) – The BMW Car Club of America today announced an agreement that will make XPEL the “Official Window Tint and Paint Protection Films of the BMW Car Club of America” (BMW CCA) for 2019.

The agreement provides XPEL exclusive status, a large presence at national club events, and significant exposure via the club’s communication channels. XPEL will be present at key national events in 2019 including Legends of the Autobahn, Festorics, and the 50th Annual BMW CCA Oktoberfest, providing members with more information about their advanced paint protection film and window tint product line.

“We are pleased to continue our relationship with XPEL. Our members want only the best and with XPEL they have it,” said Frank Patek, BMW CCA Executive Director.

For the full press release, visit XPEL THE OFFICAL FILMS of the BMWCCA. To learn more about XPEL Window Tint and Paint Protection Films visit XPEL.com. And to learn more about the BMW Car Club of America—or to join the club—visit bmwcca.org.

Edelbrock offers a new supercharger for Corvettes

The Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Stage 2 Track System part # 157320 is for use with 2015-17 Chevy Corvette ZO6 LT4 engine applications. The core of this system is the Eaton Gen VI 2300 TVS Supercharger rotating assembly with a four lobe design with 160 degrees of twist for maximum flow, minimum temperature rise and quiet operation for excellent drivability. We also designed our superchargers with an integrated bypass valve to help eliminate parasitic loss under light throttle, improving mileage potential. Our unique and efficient inlet configuration results in a shorter, less restrictive intake path for improved air flow, without the need for a jack-shaft. Keeping the air cool is a high capacity air to water intercooler and low temp heat exchanger. This kit DOES NOT INCLUDE A TUNE, A CUSTOM TUNE MUST BE USED, NOT AVALIBLE THROUGH EDELBROCK. Finally… the Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger system is not just a performance upgrade, it also has great looks! The supercharger assembly and aluminum coil covers (on most applications) are powder coated for durability and provide a unique appearance that will give any engine compartment a custom look.

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Porsche introduces the new 2020 911 Carrera S and Carrera 4S

Porsche introduced the new 2020 911 Carrera S and Carrera 4S, the eighth generation of the automaker’s iconic rear-engined sports car, tonight at the Porsche Experience Center in Carson, California.

The 992-generation 911 represents an evolutionary change from the 991. A twin-turbocharged flat-six mounted at the rear produces 443 horsepower. Power is sent to the rear wheels in the Carrera S, or to all four in the Carrera 4S, via a new eight-speed automatic double-clutch PDK transmission, which has room to accomodate a hybrid-electric drive system if needed. Porsche says a manual will be available at a later date. The flat-six uses an improved injection process and a revised turbocharger and intercooler layout to increase efficiency and power.

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Porsche sales that mattered at the 2018 Monterey Car Week auctions

There’s an old political adage: “As Maine goes, so goes the nation.” These days, you could almost say, “as the Porsche market goes, so goes the collector car market.” Porsches made up almost 12% of the total number of cars consigned at the Monterey Car Week auctions. Out of the 166 Porsches that were sold, a few stood out as particularly significant.

2016 Porsche 911R sold for $379,000
Why this car mattered: The 2016 911R harked back to the 1967 911R. It was a back-to-basics, lighter-weight, 500-hp, manual-transmission-only version of the 991 generation of the 911. Built in limited numbers with the staggering price of $184,000 for a de-contented car. They sold out instantly.

Why this sale mattered: Choose your late-model, low-production Porsche, whether it’s a Carrera GT, GT2 RS, 918 Spyder, or a 911R. The marque has proven remarkably adept at building exactly one less than the market will bear, creating immediate scarcity around the car. But more importantly, and somewhat surprisingly, the momentum in the marketplace around these cars has proven to be sustainable. The subsequent introduction of a new GT car, or any other new über Porsche, hasn’t killed the market for the earlier cars the way that the introduction of the Ferrari F40 made the 288 GTO look like last year’s GI Joe without the Kung Fu grip a generation ago. The 911R sold by RM is our representative for this phenomenon. When the new Porsche GT3 Touring was announced, it was widely speculated that the market for 911Rs might soften considerably. Not a chance. This sale shows that they’ve reliably settled in at about double their original MSRP. The rules of collectability have clearly changed — great cars no longer have to depreciate significantly and spend time in the wilderness before being recognized as collectible. Porsches like this 911R are proof.

Why Window Tinting Your Car is Important

silver sports car, window tinting,

The first thing you might think of when you’re wondering about window tinting is: “Well, it looks cool!” Right? While window tinting your car certainly does provide a sleeker, expensive look, there are plenty more reasons to tint the windows of your ride. At Zen Auto Concepts, we are all about educating the customer and helping them make the best decisions, so here is our run-down of all the reasons why window tinting is one of the best investments you can make on your car:


5 Reasons to Choose an XPEL Package Today

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When you make the decision to work with Zen Auto Concepts, you are not just choosing to work with one of the most professional shops in the industry, you are choosing to allow only the best products to be applied to one of your biggest investments. Whether you operate by land or by sea, you can rest assured that what is being used to treat your car is of the highest caliber. If you are still unconvinced, here are the top five reasons XPEL is the brand that takes the gold: